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"From the beginning... until today"
n January 1, 1974, a young couple with a 3-month-old baby girl - Lloyd and Anne Julian and baby Elizabeth - drove a U-Haul truck with all their belongings inside all the way from Alabama to Virginia to join a friend in the retail carpet business.  
    As the economy has changed over the last 38 years, Lloyd has had to re-invent his business several times.  First, he rented out space in the carpet store to a couple of different furniture dealers.  Their success in the carpet store enabled them to open their own stores.  This is one factor in Lloyd's converting the carpet store to a furniture store.  Throughout the years, North Carolina Furniture & Mattress has believed in giving back to the community by supporting the Boys' and Girls' Clubs, Youth Challenge, SPCA, ICM, Lackey Free Medical Clinic, and Military Ministry.  
    Lloyd hoped to spend more time with his growing family by moving to Virginia to open a retail store.  Well, he was wrong about that during his first 15 years building his business.  However, now that his three girls are grown, the family is together almost every day at North Carolina Furniture & Mattress.  For a couple of years that family togetherness even included the first grandchild!
    All three daughters seem to have "caught" their dad's business sense and work ethic.  They have been raised in the furniture business and have even developed their own Julian family "rituals" when attending the High Point furniture market.

    Elizabeth has been working in the family business since she was a 20-year-old college student.  She is a real "people-person" and has become our "home-grown" in-house decorator. Her great sense of style is evident when helping customers select custom-made items for their homes.  Liz has recently take over the advertising and marketing duties for the store as well.

    Laura decided to join the family business instead of changing locations in her new career with Marriott in 1999.  Laura learned so much about customer service at Marriott and puts her professional experience into practice at the furniture store everyday.  One very handsome customer was so impressed with Laura's "salesmanship" that he married her!

    Katherine started working at the store during the summers while at JMU.  After an exciting internship at NBC Sports in New York, she decided that big city life wasn't for her and came back to join the family business.  Katherine's great leadership abilities and knowledge of the furniture industry have been put to good use as the store manager.  She does it all - sales, orders, shipping, and even unloading trucks when necessary.

    North Carolina Furniture & Mattress offers a large selection of name-brand furniture, accent pieces, area rugs, and Serta bedding for the budget-minded and most discriminating consumer.  Special galleries include Flexsteel, Stressless, Simply Amish, and Norwalk.  Most furniture can be customized to suit any type of home decor and budget.

    Any time a customer comes into North Carolina Furniture & Mattress, she will enjoy the personal attention of at least one Julian family member - and sometimes the dogs and grandkids, too.


North Carolina Furniture & Mattress features a large selection of quality living room, bedroom, dining room, home office, and entertainment furniture as well as mattresses, home decor and accessories. North Carolina Furniture & Mattress has a store location in Newport News, VA 23608. North Carolina Furniture and Mattress serves the surrounding areas of Newport News, VA 23608. If you're looking for the perfect furniture to suit your needs as well as your lifestyle, stop by North Carolina Furniture & Mattress in Newport News, VA 23608 today!

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